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 QZ-300/400 Zoom Stereo Microscopes

QZ-300/400 Zoom Stereo Microscopes

The QZ-300/400 microscopes features crisp, high resolution, precision optics that provide an excellent erect and unreversed stereoscopic image. Limited 5 year warranty.


  • Binocular or Trinocular 360º rotating inclined at 45º
  • Interpupillary adjustment of 54mm to 76mm
  • Diopter adjustment on both ocular tubes allow the specimen to remain in focus throughout the entire zoom range
  • Paired 10x wide-field highpoint eyepieces for easy and comfortable viewing
  • Working distance of 110mm. Working distance can be increased or decreased with optional auxiliary lenses
  • Zoom ratio: 1:7.6
  • Ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls
  • Heavy duty rack and pinion focusing has slip clutch to protect mechanism and tension adjustment
  • Locked-on spring mounted stage clips
  • 3-way built-in LED illumination system allows transmitted, incident or dual lighting
  • Separate light intensity controls for top and bottom illumination
  • Trinocular head has 20/80 light distribution
  • Comes complete with dust cover and instruction manual
  • Shipping information:  12" x 12" x 20"-13lbs
Product No. head Eyepiece
Magnification Illumination
QZ-300 Binocular 10x WF 6.6x to 50x
Top/Bottom 3W LED
QZ-400 Trinocular 10x WF
6.6x to 50x Top/Bottom 3W LED


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