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 XC Portable Microscopes

XC Portable Microscopes

Excellent for viewing and measuring items, the XC series has a compact design and precision optics with an exceptional lens to provide clear images with a flat field of view.  The 10x wide-field eyepiece comes with a reticle that has a metric scale and allows for precise measurement.  Limited 5 year warranty.


  • High-quality precise optical glass lenses 
  • 10x WF eyepiece (15.5mm lens) with measuring reticle graduated in 0.1mm increments 
  • 10mm graduated total measuring length
  • Rack and pinion focusing with control knobs located at each end of the barrel
  • Diameter of Viewing Field: 18mm 
  • Focusing Range: 30mm 
  • Illuminated models include pen light and a holder on a swivel mount 
  • Illumination System: pen lamp powered by two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Full metal body construction with enamel finish
  • Packaged in fitted foam in a blue case
  • Shipping information: 10" x 6" x 4" - 2lbs
Product No. objectives Magnification Illumination
XC-20 2x 20x None
XC-20L 2x 20x Pen Light
XC-50 5x 50x None
XC-50L 5x 50x Pen Light
XC-100 10x 100x None
XC-100L 10x 100x Pen Light


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