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 Disposable Petri Dishes

Disposable Petri Dishes

Made of polystyrene, these sterile petri dishes are available in standard sizes and configurations. Economical clear dishes packaged in sleeves of 10 or 20 depending on the type. Very sturdy and easily stackable. Vented petri dishes have high profile partitions to minimize spillage from one cell to another during filling.

Four types to choose from.

Product No. size type uOM
MK1004J3-20 100 x 15mm Mono Plate 20/PK
MK1004J3-500 100 x 15mm Mono Plate 500/CS
MK1001-10 150 x 15mm Mono Plate 10/PK
MK1001-100 150 x 15mm Mono Plate 100/CS
MK1002C-20 100 x 20mm Mono Plate w/Grid
MK1002C-500 100 x 20mm Mono Plate w/Grid
MK1003-20 100 x 15mm Bi-Plate 20/PK
MK1003-500 100 x 15mm Bi-Plate 500/CS


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