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 Economy Triple Beam Dial Balance

Economy Triple Beam Dial Balance

These die-cast constructed mechanical balances are durable and versatile to accommodate a variety of lab applications. Features a dial which speeds up the weighing process and provides greater accuracy. Also includes magnetic damping to slow oscillation, a large stainless steel platform and tiered notched beams. Capacity is 610g, and optional weight set extends capacity to 2610g.  Limited five year warranty.

  • Notched and tiered beam, front beam calibration 0.1g sensitivity
  • Dial- 10g x 0.1g
  • Middle Beam- 500g x 100g
  • Rear Beam- 100g x 10g
  • Optional Weight Set (2 x 1000g / 1 x 500g)
  • Platform Size- 15cm diameter
  • Tare standard on all balances- 225g
Helpful Hint:
Place the balance on a smooth flat surface and move the poise to the zero position.  Slide the tare all the way to the left of its beam. For zeroing the unit, adjust the knob, (located under the pan on the left of the unit) slightly to the right so that the notch clicks into the groove. Check periodically to ensure the unit is still zeroed out.

Product No. Capacity Sensitivity Weight Set
B-350-O 610 g 0.1 g No
B-350-W-O 2610 g 0.1 g Included


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